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Easy Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

2 cups (480 ml) cold heavy "whipping" cream (cream with a 35-40% butterfat content)

1 cup (240 ml) cold whole (full fat) milk

3/4 cup (150 grams) superfine or granulated white sugar

1/4 teaspoon (1 gram) salt

1 1/2 teaspoons (6 grams) pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste

2 tablespoons (12 grams) dry milk powder (optional)

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Easy Vanilla Ice Cream: In a large measuring cup (or bowl) stir all the ingredients together, making sure that the sugar has completely dissolved.
Transfer the cold mixture to the chilled container of your ice cream machine and process according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once made, transfer the ice cream to a chilled container and place in the freezer for a few hours or until firm. If the ice cream becomes too hard, remove it from the freezer about 15 minutes before serving and place into the refrigerator to soften.

Makes about 3 cups. Preparation time 40 minutes.


There are two methods to make homemade vanilla ice cream? The first method is made with a custard base, and is often called either a 'French' or a 'Custard' Ice Cream. There is a recipe and video already on the site for this type of vanilla ice cream. The second method, which we're making here, is called a 'Philadelphia-style', a 'New York-style', or just a 'Plain' Ice Cream. It's an eggless, "no cook" ice cream that is easy and fast to make. That is because all you need to do is stir heavy cream with sugar, milk, and vanilla extract and then churn it in your ice cream machine. Your reward is a vanilla ice cream that is smooth and creamy in both taste and texture.

When you make a custard based ice cream, the custard has to be chilled in the refrigerator before churning. However, with this recipe you can churn it right away. To do that you need to use COLD heavy cream and COLD milk. And you also need to use either pure vanilla bean paste or extract instead of using the seeds from a vanilla bean. However, you can use a vanilla bean if you prefer. To do it that way you first need to remove the vanilla seeds from the pod of one vanilla bean. Then place both the seeds and the pod in a saucepan, along with the milk and sugar. Heat until the sugar dissolves, then turn off the heat and let the mixture 'steep' for about 15 minutes so the vanilla has time to flavor the milk. Then stir the milk mixture into the heavy cream. Since the mixture is warm, you will need to cover and refrigerate until cold before churning.

Also, if you are going to store the ice cream in the freezer for more than a few days, I like to add some dry milk powder to the ice cream mixture. The dry milk powder will prevent the ice cream from turning grainy in the freezer. But if you're like me, you will find that this ice cream never seems to last that long.