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Stephanie enjoys getting your emails related to baking. Due to the high volume of mail she can't guarantee she will answer all emails, but she will do her best.

If you made one of the recipes and it didn't turn out correctly, before emailing be sure to recheck that you followed the instructions to the letter and measured the ingredients correctly with no substitutions of any kind. All of the recipes on the site have been tested many times and used by thousands of people all over the world. All baking photos on the site have been made by Stephanie, so the recipes do work. Most problems people have with the recipes are related to ingredient substitutions and/or inaccurate measurements.

Companies or individuals with web sites feel free to link to any page on the site.

Please note that any comments about recipes or the site made in your email may be used on the website. If any comments are used we won't include any identifying information other then your first name.

Stephanie is unable to respond to recipe requests or requests to email recipes.

Due to the high level of mail and spam emails may take awhile for your email to be answered and some emails may end up in our spam filter and go un-read. If you would like quicker answers we recommend posting your question to our Facebook Page instead as this page is monitored continuously. DOES NOT do product reviews, product endorsements, sponsorships, contests, paid links or syndicated content of any type and all requests for these services will be rejected.

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